What is the Tamar River?

The Tamar river is a beautiful river in the South West of England. The Tamar river is a very historic place and is a world heritage because of its mining history. The river is what forms a lot of the border between the west coast of Cornwall and the east coast of Devon.

The length of the Tamar river totals to around 61 miles long and runs southward across the peninsula in the south coast! On the Devon side of the river, you have the Tavy and the Deer and on the Cornish side of the river, you have rivers including the Kensey, Lynher and the Ottery.

The Tamar river is a well-known attraction due to its luscious greens and see through waters! This is where the name originally came from! Tamar is believed to mean ‘great water’ and that is exactly what it is! The water is pure and flows gently southwards.

Being one of Britain’s several rivers, the Tamar river shares the same ancient’s names as the River Thames. The different places that surround the Tamar river are all very beautiful parts of Britain and each have their very own story.

The wonders of the Tamar river have encouraged scientists to it over the years and is believed to be a very exciting venture. The Tamar river in Plymouth has a lower lake and an upper lake to it, these are both small reservoirs that feed gently into the Bude Canal areas. They are also nature reserves and provide the Bude area with clean, fresh water! 

The upper lake was built in the 1970s and the lower lake was built in the 1820s! So they are very, very old and will always be preserved. The Tamar river is a beautiful place to visit and if you’re visiting Plymouth, Devon, Cornwall or anywhere around the Tamar river, you should definitely go and see the wonders that it brings.

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