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My name’s Mark and i’m the admin of this Blog.

I’m writing this post because of a fantastic experience I had with a roofing company in Plymouth (Plymouth Roofers) & it made me think, that given the chance we should always promote and recommend local businesses if they have provided a good service.

A friend (Micheal) recommended Plymouth Roofers to me after our house was deemed unsafe to live in after a rather treacherous storm. I also took his advice before moving forward with any company and got 3 quotes, to my amazement a complete new roof would cost £6000+.

Plymouth Roofers carried out the work for just £4000 and did an absolute cracking job of it.

Have you had a good experience with a local business?

If you have please feel free to recommend them in the comments section and in due course I will write an article promoting them along with a short testimonial from yourself.

Please email with any questions.


All the best!



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