Many thanks to friends in the South west

I love this part of the country.

People are so friendly here and there is a real spirit of community. This has been highlighted by my first experience of having a home improvement done on our new house. We have been in the house for a year or so and have always wanted to get the driveway done because it was such a mess when we bought it.

….We now have a perfect resin bound drive that is the envy of our street.

But it ghas been a rollercoaster trying to get everything sorted with it. But it is the community spirit that helped us with more than one problem. The first issue was when the contractors accidently cut off our power. We were left with no mains supply for 2 days and both evenings we were invited to dinner at our neighbours houses!

Thank you very much to James from number 4 and Jant & Bob from number 11!

The second incident was when the building company we were using for our driveway construction had an emergency within the bosses family and they were unable to complete the job.

Fortunately they connected us with The Bristol Driveway & Patio Pro who came along and did a fantastic job taking over from the previous contractors.

Anyway as you can see we now have our perfect resin driveway!

Grab Lorry Works in The Tamar

One of my friends has become a partner in a local Construction firm in Plymouth and Im helping him promote their Grab Hire service.

Here is John from

While a great many people just consider grab lorries to be utilised for substantial leeway errands, they are in truth extremely flexible, particularly when AMS offer 4, 6 and 8 wheeler grab lorries for contract.

An essential advantage of utilising grab lorry contract is that it is a fast and clear process. The lorry visits your site, gathers the waste using an extendable arm, places it on the back of the lorry and afterward leaves to securely transport the loss to a reasonable transfer office.

The grab arms enable waste to be gathered from the street and over hindrances, which means if there is restricted access at your site a grab lorry will at present be capable clear your waste.

Notwithstanding having the capacity to gather free waste, grab lorries can likewise effortlessly gather filled skip sacks. Along these lines, locales with different waste streams can particular and discard their waste utilizing numerous skip packs. To take in more about skips packs in Bournemouth please visit: simple

Conveying limit of our grab lorries:

4 wheel grab – up to 8 tons

6 wheel grab – up to 12 tons

8 wheel grab – up to 16 tons

To take in more about employing a grab lorry in Dorset, please visit our grab lorry site page or contact our amicable group.

*Please take note of, the waste material required to be ‘grabbed’ away ought to be set inside the achieve region of the grab arm, found where there is sufficient space for the vehicle to work and far from any overhead links. For promote direction, please contact our group.

“Grab lorries can convey totals and clear your loss in one excursion!”

Places to eat and drink in Tamar Valley

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All about Tamar Valley

The Tamar Valley is an area that has the ability to take your breath away! Tamar Valley is famous for its astonishing natural beauty and the fact that it sits beautifully around the rivers of the Tamar river, Tavy river and the Lynher river. As it was a mining landscape, it is famous in history and is a place to visit for a lot of people who are into the historic world. Continue reading All about Tamar Valley